Begin by learning how to use the tools of dowsing; angle rods, diving rods, pendulums.

 Angle Rod : The L Shape rods are held in the hands with the longer sections parallel and pointing straight ahead. When the dowser locates whatever it is he or she is searching for the rods will either cross over each other, or move outward. This is called a “dowsing response.” 

 How to hold the rod : Hold the rod with your palms upward and grip the rod in such a way as to bend the forks out. Keep your elbows close to your sides but do not tuck your elbows into your side.. The rods should be parallel to each other. This is kown as the “neutral” position. You can grasp this outer casing as firmly as you wish, as the rods can move independently inside it. However, if you are not using a casing, you must hold the rods very loosely, so that they can give a dowsing response. Once you experience a dowsing response with your angle rods, try holding them a different ways and see which you prefer.

 There is no right or wrong way of hold any dowsing instrument. Keep as relaxed as possible, and keep your eyes on the tips of the rods as you walk. It is highly like that the rods did not move at all, this does not matter. You find an open-minded approach, along with positive expectancy, yield the best results for me. Start by walking from one side of the place to the other end with your rods in the neutral position start thinking about water or object. At some stage the rods will probably more across each other. As you get close to the source of water or object the rods will start to move towards each other and finally cross when they are right over the water or object. Your initial practice session should be short, perhaps twenty or thirty minutes. Dowsing can be draining, both physically and mentally. Dowsers are usually able to divine moving water.

 Pendulum : The pendulum is normally used for indoor dowsing, map dowsing, However, it can be used in or out of doors if required. The Pendulum consists of a weight attached to a length of cord or chain. Ideally, the weight should be at least a few grams. However, it also should not be so heavy that your hand gets tired quickly. You can use number of pendulums made from different metals  or alloy of several metals, all work very well. Hold the pendulum so that the cord is gripped between your thumb and first fingers are pointing downwards. and the different movement it makes are interpreted. Now you are ready to ask your pendulum some questions. Hold it at the knot you just tied and ask it to tell you which movement means “yes.”

Pendulum gyration

My pendulum gyrates in a clockwise direction for “yes”. Your pendulum may make a completely different movement. It may oscillate from side to side, or go around in circles, either clockwise or counter-clockwise. With larger areas, a pendulum is very useful in telling you where to begin. Think about the item you are searching for. If it is water, ask yourself. “Where is the best supply of usable water to be found?” If you want drinking water, make sure to specify that in your question. It is important to be as specific as you can in asking these questions. Practise and perseverance are necessary. The more you use your tools, and the more familiar you become with dowsing, the easier it will become.

 Map Dowsing

 Up to now, all of our dowsing has been done in the field. We have actually gone out and walked around with our equipment until we found whatever it was we were dowsing for. There are many advantages to map dowsing. You can dowse for anything in any part of the world you choose, from the comfort of your own home. There are many recorded instances where map dowsing has been done from thousands of miles away.

 How to perform Map Dowsing?

 To perform map dowsing, obtain the largest scale map you can of the area or plot you are planning to dowse. Some people say that your map has to be oriented to face north. In my experience, it makes no difference at all. The map is simply another tool that be used to make your dowsing easier. Advantages of the map dowsing is tremendous, I found the water course in a matter of few minutes, sitting comfortably at home with a map and pendulum. It took five hours of tramping and climbing a hilly farm to reach the correct spot in the field. Map Dowsing is useful for to trace missing people or animals. You can locate gold, silver and other precious metals and stones as well as oil around the world.